Our mission is simple. The impact is life-changing.

Please join us in celebrating angels + uniting families while raising critical funds to build birthing + bereavement suites nationwide.

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The isolation is real. Parents who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or infant often grieve and suffer alone. Upon delivery of their baby, they are whisked out of the hospital with little support. Infant mortality, despite it's frequency, is largely a taboo topic. NFTS offers bereaved parents an environment to choose joy and to connect with other families who understand. 



On Birthing + Bereavement Suites

  • A space borne from love.

    "I always wondered after our son was born how I would ever be able to love another as much as I loved him. But then I learned after our daughter was born that another child does not take any space away but each child actually grows your heart a little bit more. Love makes a new space for that new person. After Ada died, I felt that space as an empty hole. A broken, sorrowful space that might not ever hold anything else. But my husband pointed out to me that that space is not empty. This space in my heart is filled, it is overflowing with love. It is now our mission now to provide a another space. A space borne from love. A beautiful space that can hold the pain and the grief, the sorrowful moments and the beautiful moments. A sacred space for the only moments that some families get to have with their children on this earth. A space that will be overflowing with love." *–Dr. Lyndsey Day, The Group

Introducing our sister organization, LoveBeau.

LoveBeau was born from the love of our Founders' angel son, Beau.  In the hours, days, weeks, months, and years that followed his passing, they searched for meaningful ways to honor, remember, and celebrate the son they would never have the chance to hold.  The LoveBeau collection was curated to do just that - honor, remember, and celebrate our angels.  www.lovebeau.com