Pictured Above: Attending the 2020 Annual Gala, Joe Yokum, NFTS Men's Club Lead; Kaleb Admire, NFTS Feature Dad 2019; Brett Stedman, NFTS Feature Dad 2016; and Dr. Ryan Boudreau, Co-Founder of No Foot Too Small.

Men's Social Club

At NFTS we believe in the healing power of coming together as girlfriends, sharing our stories, and celebrating our angels.  Led by local NFTS Angel Dad,  Joe Yokum and supported by Co-Founder Ryan Boudreau, we are honored to host rotating monthly Men's Groups! 

Currently, you will find us in Iowa City and Des Moines.   All gatherings begin at 6pm.

ALL dads are welcome in our groups, no matter your background, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic level.  And don't let the photo above fool you.  This will be a casual evening.


2021 Dates:

Des Moines @ Gilroys Kitchen

Iowa City/Cedar Rapids Area @ Reds Alehouse