Building Birthing + Bereavement Suites

The opportunity to choose joy. A community who understands. The gift of time.

The isolation is real. Parents who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or infant often grieve and suffer alone. Upon delivery of their baby, they are whisked out of the hospital with little support. Infant mortality, despite its frequency, is largely a taboo topic. NFTS offers bereaved parents an environment to choose joy and to connect with other families who understand. Through Birthing + Bereavement Suites, NFTS is providing a peaceful, private place for healing while gifting time with the deceased child.


Imagine delivering a baby - stillborn at 39 weeks - in a room surrounded by other healthy babies breaking out in their first cries. 

Imagine your 20 week ultrasound and learning there is no heartbeat.  Where would you want to deliver?  

Imagine delivering your baby - knowing (s)he will only live a few hours - would you want to be somewhere quiet - somewhere private - to soak up those precious + fleeting moments before your child takes his/her last breath? 


Birthing + Bereavement Suites don't currently exist in the United States - although they are common place in other parts of the world.  We are working to change that.  With 3 partnerships in Iowa and several nearing announcement across the United States, we are well on our way.


If you are a hospital administrator wanting more information on partnering with NFTS, please contact us.