History + Mission

No Foot Too Small (NFTS), founded by Robin and Ryan Boudreau, was inspired by the loss of their son Beau in 2013.  NFTS was born out of a desire to draw awareness to pregnancy loss + infant mortality while encouraging the celebration of angels.  In just ten years, thousands have gathered for the annual events to honor babies who’ve lost their lives too soon.  Initially serving families across Iowa, NFTS is expanding nationwide.  With a mission to serve families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss, NFTS has donated more than $1,000,000 to critical initiatives and celebrated countless angels since its inception. 

Celebrate Angels. Unite Families. Build Birthing and Bereavement Suites.

For families suffering pregnancy and infant loss, there are no cures and often no answers. Parents are forced to say "goodbye" before they ever have the chance to say "hello". Navigating the unimaginable loss of a child is an isolating, lonely, and helpless place to be.

For these parents, life is forever changed. Most days ahead are filled with heartache, longing, and fear of future pregnancies. For these families, we exist to offer the gift of time, community, and celebration.

NFTS drives national awareness of pregnancy and infant loss by celebrating angels, uniting families and building birthing and bereavement suites nationwide.