The No Foot Too Small Cardian Angels Project

Do you have a guardian angel?  We like to think that we all do!  This special program—what we are calling "Card-ian Angels"—is an opportunity to send a little hug or smile to another mom that might just need to be checked on and lifted up once in a while. It's an opportunity to connect with other moms in a meaningful way and to join us in building community and monthly support (just like being their very own guardian angel!).

How does it work? 

After signing up via the link below, our staff will work to partner you together with another No Foot Too Small mom. Each month, you will send an anonymous card or letter to the Card-ian Angel that you are connected with and you will receive one in the mail from yours too!  All of this will be held in secret until December when you can reveal your angel identity to each other. 

It is our hope that this special project allows each of you to connect with another loss mom so you can celebrate your angel(s) together and unite in your loss journey. May you NEVER feel alone and may the special notes and cards that you receive be the light that each of us need on challenging days. 

Open enrollment to sign up for the Card-ian Angels program is October 15 through January 10. Matches are made on a rolling basis throughout the year.

For questions about this project, contact