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During the COVID19 pandemic, we've witnessed the magnification of grief in isolation. On a mission to bring light and healing, Robin envisioned an opportunity to offer stories of connection and tools for surviving and thriving through grief - all grief. Loss of employment. Loss of relationships. Loss of normalcy. Loss of dreams. Loss of life. 'Good Grief' is this opportunity.

We all experience grief during our lifetime. Loss, tragedy, and trauma impact our self-image, our perspective of the world, our relationships, and our work.

For generations, we've been taught to hide or bury our grief. Consequently, most of us don't recognize the negative impact the grief we carry has on our decisions, our perceptions, and our health. Many of us have not been given the language, skills, or permission to navigate our grief and therefore don't know how to support ourselves or others through it. Let's change the narrative and improve our lives. 

This conference is for our community.  Both personal and professional relationships will benefit from the conference content. We will share stories that build connection, and provide tools and resources that help you support individuals and teams through grief. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of themselves and others - improving life, work, and everything in between!

This year, we are asking for your help to offer our inaugural GOOD GRIEF Conference.  The first $10,000 raised on #GivingTuesday, will help fund the event as well as offer attendance scholarships.

With a gift to NFTS, you are providing a grief resource to our entire community.

Donations will be recognized at the event on April 16th.


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