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Unite Families

NFTS is a community where all families experiencing infant loss can come together and feel welcomed, safe, and loved.  NFTS is community of families who've 'been there'...a community of moms and dads who uplift each other on the good days and the bad days - always remembering and celebrating their angel babies.  At NFTS, our goal is to create a supportive environment for wherever you are at in your journey.

As shared by Katie Stedman

"NFTS is a community of women and friends who understand the depths of my sorrow and the scars left on my heart, like no one else is able to understand. It's a sense of unity when the loss of a child can feel so isolating. It's the warmth embrace and physical and emotional availability from a friend who has traveled this unfortunate road already. It's reaching out to a mother who's heart has recently shattered and offering hope and support. NFTS is sharing a glass of wine and laughter with women I love and also sharing a hug, tears, and grief. It's a celebration. A celebration of us as mothers and survivors. 

NFTS has changed my life. It has brought me lifelong friends, a support system, and peace for my heavenly babies. I will forever be thankful for this organization for scooping me up during life's deepest despair and offering me love, hope, and peace. And I will spend the rest of my life striving to carry out their passionate mission of helping women dealing with loss in any way I can."

No Foot Too Small is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.











































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