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Celebrate Angels

At NFTS, we believe in honoring our angels.  We believe in living with joy and grace and gratitude.  We hope you join us in celebration.

As shared by Robin Boudreau, Co-Founder

January 11th, 2013, was the most difficult day of my life.  On that cold winter morning, I delivered a baby boy that I would never see, never hold, never touch. As the saying goes, “There are moments that mark your life, moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same. And time is divided into two parts, before this and after this.”

I could have never fathomed this truth until having lived it. I could have never understood the passage of grief…the ebbing and flowing…the calm and the crashing. I would have never learned that grief is simply love…love that wells up in your eyes and lumps in your throat. I would have never understood that grief is also a gift. Grief exists as a souvenir, proof that love existed. Most importantly, grief serves as a launching pad – if only we allow it.

When Ryan and I reflect on the loss of Beau, we see more gratitude than we do despair. We see how our lives have been immeasurably enriched with purpose, understanding, compassion, friendship and love. As we continue our journey celebrating this sweet boy and all of his angel friends, we are also furthering our mission to serve families experiencing this unimaginable loss. We’ve embraced that this deep pain is simply fuel for our greatest calling - celebrating angels.

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